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there is not an infinite set of fiddler crab sentences

tide ebb sway stingray

6 May 1984
I was born in British Columbia, and love love love the mountains. We moved away when I was two and I finally went back at the age of twenty-three with my mom. We both hadn't been there in over twenty years and it was amazing. Hope, BC is where I belong. Camping there, on the edge of the Fraser River, was like coming home.

I'm a vegetarian and I have some tattoos. I'm a little crazy at times. I love to have fun and stay up late. Angels and dreams seem to run freely through my life. I take pride in being radically honest - you can depend on me to be as blunt and free-speaking as they come! Anything else you might wanna know will probably show up in my journals - so check it out!
activism, adventures, alternative fuels, art, autumn, awareness, baking, bamboo, bare feet, beach creatures, biodegradable products, bonfires, breakfast at tiffany's, british columbia, bush (the band), buy nothing day, camping, carbon offsets, cfl bulbs, cheese, cheesecake, christmas pudding, cider, cloudless days, cognizance, coheed and cambria, cold tile floors, collages, conscientious consumerism, conversation, cooking, counting crows, culture, dalai lama, dali, dead things, deviantart, digital photography, dill pickles, dill popcorn, ducks, eco architecture, eco tourism, education, ellen burstyn, emotional intelligence, energy conservation, experiencing new things, family, flannel pyjamas, flocks of birds, freedom, friends, fruit juice, garden state, gardening, garlic mashed potatoes, geodesic domes, gnocchi, goldfish crackers, goulais river rats, grade, greenhouses, grey water reuse, gummi, gurdjieff, happiness, hedwig, hiking, honesty, hugs, humanitarianism, hydro power, i heart huckabees, individuality, instinct, intelligence, kinder eggs, king's dark tower series, kitties, klimt, lakes, languages, learning, led lights, lightning, lost, margaret atwood, meet joe black, michael moore, monet, mountains, music, my so-called life, nancy noel, nature, ondaatje, openness, organic agriculture, ouspensky, outspokenness, painting, papier mache, party of five, pasta, peace, photography, photoshop, poetry, prince of nothing series, quiche, rain water collection, recycling, reign of fire, renewable energy, renewable resources, requiem for a dream, rivers, romeo and juliet, sault sainte marie, sculpture, sea creatures, shopping local, sketching, sleep, solar power, southwestern ontario, speaking my mind, spirited away, spitfire grill, splashing in rain puddles, spun, strawberries, tattoos, the beach, the notebook, the ocean, the weather man, tidal power, travel, turn off tv week, twelve gauge ready, van gogh, vegetarians, water, water conservation, waves, white oleander, wind, wind power